Full Stack Mobile Engineer (Flutter)

The Full Stack Mobile Engineer is responsible for implementing both the front and backend elements of cross platform mobile applications using Flutter, Dart, and a server side stack or service, such as Node.JS or Firebase. You will be the primary developer for your portions (or the whole) of the application, responsible for application behavior, logic, screens, and consistency as well as code quality and test coverage, and judged by the product owner against a high quality standard. The Full Stack Mobile Engineer works with the Lead Engineer to do implement the designed architecture. In addition, you may also contribute to the architecture design, and be asked to create technical document around the areas you are involved in.

You must have extensive experience with Flutter (and Dart), as well as with Firebase and/or related platforms. Experience with other cross platform frameworks such as React Native is a plus, as is strength in backend development stacks and web related technologies such as HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. A strong focus will be placed on code quality and adherence to design specifications.

This is a full time position lasting for the duration of the production cycle. This is a full time position, and we expect the workload to be up to 40 hours a week while production is active. You will be expected to be available to attend daily stand ups, coordinate with a distributed multidisciplinary team, and complete all tasks on time and to specification. This is a remote work contract, but the worker must be available for 4 hours of overlap time with California (PST) daily, preferably between 9am-2pm PST.

Role Overview

Qualifications & Skills

About Robot Sea Monster

We are a digital production studio with an extensive background in games, AR/VR, and commercial application development. Founded in 2012, the studio has successfully shipped over 38 products, serving major brands such as Blue Shield, Pearson, LO3 Energy, Occipital, and Sizzle Entertainment. Our work has been profiled in major media outlets, such as The New York Times, CNBC, TED, and more.

Working Conditions

We are a fully remote company with team members across the globe. Team members are expected to have high speed internet suitable for both work and voice calls. Team members must have a functional microphone with clean audio to communicate with the rest of the team. Additional tools required for the position must be supplied by the team member with exceptions only for exceptionally prorprietary software or hardware required for a project.

Expected Hours of Work

Some flexibility in hours is allowed, but all team members must be available during the “core” work hours of 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (PST) Monday through Friday. Workers must be available via Google Hangout, email, and Slack during designated work hours. Additional hours may be required when project completion deadlines must be met as well as for periodic client meetings. Hours will fluctuate based upon number of projects, project scale, and project timelines.